Intermittent Fasting - what’s so good about it?

What's so good about Intermittent Fasting?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is probably the best way to lose weight, get rid of belly fat, and start feeling your best.

IF is simple: everyday, there is a short window of time in which you eat, and a long window of time in which you don’t eat. Between 12pm and 6pm is a good eating window. This gives you 18 hours of not eating, also know as fasting :)

Why should I do intermittent fasting?

Most people have too much insulin. Insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store fat. Intermittent fasting reduces insulin. You want to lower insulin because, high insulin causes a range of health problems:

  • High insulin causes a fatty liver and keeps you from burning fat, especially around the belly.
  • It makes it impossible to lose weight.
  • It causes fatigue. It can make you moody and, sometimes, depressed.
  • Your cells can’t absorb nutrients. You lose muscle. 
  • You may have acne, joint inflammation, and dark folds. 
  • You can’t focus and your brain feels foggy.

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

  • A flat belly. Intermittent fasting and short bursts of high intensity exercise helps get rid of excess fat in the liver and around your abdomen.
  • A healthier immune system. This keeps you from getting sick, and it gives you a better chance of fighting chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  • New brain cell growth. This helps you have a better memory and better cognitive function. You can better focus, and be more creative.
  • With intermittent fasting, you have stable energy levels. You look and feel healthy.

Do it the right way

It is important to do a healthy diet with intermittent fasting, like keto, paleo, whole foods, or low-carb. Keto, for example works like this:
  • Eat only two meals a day. One at 12pm and one at 6pm.
  • For each meal:
    • Get most of your carbs from salads and vegetables. Eat 3-6 grams of high quality protein (about the size of your palm) and eat some healthy fats like nuts, cheese, butter, olive oil, or avocados.
    • Add apple cider vinegar or lemon to your salads or your water. This helps with reducing insulin.
    • Have a piece of dark chocolate or some fruit. Eating should provide nutrition and also bring joy! Golden bars are also a great way to get healthy fats from cashews and an inflammation-healing boost from turmeric and cardamom. They are made with 100% real food, and have only 16 net carbs.
  • Keep bread and grains to a minimum.
  • Avoid packaged foods that are made with fillers, hidden sugars, and added oils.
  • Avoid low quality animal protein. The focus is on quality v/s quantity. Eat mostly plant protein.


  • Most of us suffer from high insulin without knowing it. 
  • Insulin is a hormone that tells the body to store fat. Intermittent fasting - only eating between 12pm and 6pm - helps lower insulin. 
  • Eat a healthy keto, paleo, or similar low-carb diet during this eating window.
  • Feel your best and enjoy a healthier, radiant, more energetic you.

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