Bringing back butter

Bringing back butter - a real super food

Wait, did butter ever leave? 

  • If you’re in the, “I never stopped eating butter” camp, this article is validation. See why you were right all along.
  • If you’re in the “they've been saying butter is not good for me, so I avoid it” camp, you’d butter read on ;-)

What “They” get wrong about butter

  • Butter clogs your arteries - Wrong! 
    • There is simply no evidence for this claim. 
    • A high carbohydrate diet causes problems with your arteries, not a diet with healthy fats like butter.
  • It has saturated fats that will destroy your liver - Wrong! 
    • Too much sugar in your blood, caused by a high-carb diet is what causes a fatty liver.
    • Butter is easy to digest and does not strain your liver.
  • It will make you fat - Wrong! 
    • In fact many people have found that eating butter actually helped them lose weight when they go on a keto diet, or a generally healthier diet.
    • It is almost impossible to lose weight if you have elevated insulin., which causes insulin resistance. Butter has butyric acid which reduces insulin resistance. 

Why should I eat more butter?

Keep in mind that butter made from grass-fed or pastured cows will have much higher nutritional quality. Grass-fed and organic is even better - this means the cows are not fed any GMO grains, or given growth hormones.

Butter is loaded with these nutrients:

  • Lauric acid, which is a powerful fatty acid. It has anti-cancer benefits, and is good for weight loss. Lauric acid is found in very few foods. Butter is one of them.
  • A high amount of Vitamin A, which is important for maintaining good eyesight.
  • Vitamin D, which helps bone health and calcium transportation in the body.
  • Vitamin F, which aids brain function and is important for healthy skin.
  • Vitamin K2, which plays a big part in having healthy teeth and bones. Children that have a K2 deficiency can have growth issues. Give kids more butter!
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is associated with various health benefits, including protection against some types of cancer.
  • Lecithin, which is the antidote to cholesterol.

Other benefits

  • It is versatile. Spread it or melt it on other foods. Use it as a dip for your veggies. It is a critical ingredient in baking. Although, cooking with butter will cause it to lose a lot of its vitamins.
  • It is a keto dieter’s best friend - an easy way to get healthy, satisfying fats and a wide range of nutrients.
  • It helps reduce inflammation, and it can improve gut health.
  • It just tastes so damn good!


  • Eat more butter! Really, that’s the gist of it. It is delicious and full of important nutrients. 
  • It does not not make you fat or cause heart problems. “They” were wrong about this all this time.
  • Butter is essential if you eat a healthy diet like keto with intermittent fasting.


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