Everything you need to know about Turmeric Curcumin + Black Pepper

Turmeric benefits

The benefits of turmeric are now proven and well-known across the world, in both the East and the West. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties can help heal painful joints, increase energy levels, improve recovery between workouts, and help fight a slew of chronic diseases caused by chronic inflammation.

Turmeric bioavailability

But did you know that turmeric, and specifically it's active constituent, curcumin, is poorly absorbed in the body? The reason for this is that curcumin dissolves in fat, not water. And the digestive system is a watery environment.  Another factor is that curcumin is quickly metabolized in the body (broken down into smaller compounds).

Increase absorption

When cooking with turmeric, using coconut or olive oil can help dissolve the curcumin and increase its availability in the body. Another option is to combine turmeric with black pepper which contains a compound called piperine. Piperine dramatically slows down the breakdown of curcumin. This gives curcumin time to act on multiple pathways in the body. Thanks to piperine, the absorption of curcumin increases significantly (up to 2,000%). And so the combination of turmeric curcumin and black pepper (TCBP) helps your body make the most of the powerful anti-inflammatory, and many other benefits of turmeric (1).

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