How dietary fiber helps you have a healthy gut

What is Fiber?

Fiber is an indigestible carb, which means that your body doesn't break it down to use for energy. Instead, your body uses it as food for healthy bacteria in your gut (1, 2).

When a specific type of fiber, soluble fiber, is fermented in the large intestine, your body produces two gut hormones that play a role in helping you feel full after eating. Not getting enough fiber makes you feel hungrier, and more likely to overeat (3). 

Not getting enough fiber

When you don’t have enough fiber in your diet, the toxins you eliminate via your bowels get absorbed back into your bloodstream causing health issues. 

Another consequence of not getting enough fiber is that your body digests simple carbohydrates more quickly, which are then released as sugars into your bloodstream rapidly. Unstable levels of blood sugar can leave you feeling lethargic, and increase the risk of diabetes.

Fiber in GOLDEN nutrition bars

Here at Golden we use chicory root fiber in our energy bars. Each bar has 5g of fiber. That's 18% of the daily recommended value. 

Chicory root  is made up mostly of inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber, meaning it feeds healthy bacteria in the gut. These helpful bacteria play a role in reducing inflammation, fighting harmful bacteria, and improving mineral absorption. 

Inulin and other compounds in chicory root may help improve blood sugar control, especially in people with diabetes (4).

Fiber may not get as much attention as other macro and micro nutrients when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, but there is evidence that it is just as important. Make sure you eat whole fruits, vegetables, and grains for a variety of fiber. Some snacks like Golden bars have high quality fiber in them, making it an easy way to get your daily fiber requirement.


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