Golden I am. What’s in a name?

Golden at Mt Diablo summit


Daddy bars! Yep, that’s what my kids called Golden bars (and still do!) when I first started making the bars for them. And while that name is near and dear to my heart, I thought that perhaps it might not do so well outside the house :). And so my brother and I began thinking of a name that captured the feeling of eating this bar. Scrumptious, nourishing, delicious, wholesome, satisfying, full of flavor, delightful… so many words come to mind. But we felt that the phrase that best captured the feeling of taking a bite of this bar was: “I'm golden!” And hence, Golden bars. Unfortunately, iamgolden dot com was taken, so we went with for the website. “Golden, I am.” - we are convinced this is what Yoda would say if he ate this bar. 

In fact we made a sticker out of this phrase. Our first hundred customers get free stickers. Get your hands on Golden bars!

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Golden Cashew Turmeric Cardamom bars - Box of 12